Adam J

Great place. Water was spilled on my keyboard and touchpad, so I brought it into this place to get it fixed. Total was only $125, which is less than I thought it would be considering both my keyboard and touchpad both needed to be replaced. They got the computer back to me as soon as they could and the customer service is great. College students and others in general – choose this place over others

Amanda H

I had an accident and one of my keys were popped up on my laptop’s keyboard and I couldn’t get it back in place. I rushed it over to them and in less than 10-15 minutes one of the gentleman here was able to put it back into place. I will definitely return if I have trouble with any of my other electronics

Jacqueline V

I’ve gone to the tech shack before to simply check out the place and enjoyed the very welcoming feel of it and (of course) the owner who is absolutely laid-back, knowledgeable, and charismatic. I tried replacing my battery with one that was non-OEM and he warned me about any issues that I might run into. I couldn’t replace the battery myself and he was able to put in the new one with ease (even though it didn’t fit correctly). The price was $35. I didn’t feel like I was overcharged because he not only did the replacing for me, but gave me warnings and what to look for in the future when it comes to tech replacement

Claiborne L

I went in panicking and near tears after most of my files disappeared off a new computer. Conrad not only found them, but kindly explained what had happened and gave me advice on future back-ups and restores. I’m so glad we have a helpful place in town for computer support

Paula B

Tech Shack was proficient in both customer service and technical expertise. They fielded a number of long-distance phone calls and questions as we tried to determine what to do with our daughters damaged Mac. They not only repaired it quickly and completely, but they did so for less than half of what other companies were charging. I highly recommend Tech Shack!

Jessica H

Nice guys, quick service. They replaced my iPhone screen, gave advice on how to work around a bent frame, and did all of that in less than 30 minutes.

C Maco

I recently had Konrad at Tech Shack build me a new custom HTPC for Fallout 4. not only did he build a machine with every little feature I requested (quiet, locking kid friendly case, etc.) he did it for hundreds less than the readymade pc I was considering. with twice the ram and twice the HDD space at that. and the service was unparalleled. He was quick to take time out of his busy schedule to help me ensure my new pc was running smoothly with all my required software. If you’re looking for a pc that will exceed your expectations and a friendly knowledgeable staff that will too, look no further than Tech Shack. Hands down the best in the area.

Joshua K

The staff here was super helpful and friendly. At first I was probing for advice for ways to diagnose and fix my PC at home without having to bring it in, but eventually I had a part die on me and had to bring it in. Konrad was charismatic and helpful and seemed like he knew every possible pitfall and fix for every possible scenario. He worked through the technical details with me and we were able get the PC running even better than it did before. I would highly recommend this store to anyone with any issues related to technology hands down.

Anna C

Very quick and efficient! I appreciated the step by step information provided to me while the repair work was being completed (while not feeling talked down to due to my inexperience in such matters). I would recommend this business to those in need of repair work on electronics.