When your business needs a Linux administrator, turn to the expert team at Tech Shack! As a managed service provider, we offer complete Linux administration to help manage your server and keep it well-maintained. Although Linux systems can be powerful tools in the business world, they often require a specialist to help you make the most of what they have to offer. Many organizations have strong skills when it comes to Windows or Mac operating systems, but they often don’t have the budget or see the value in hiring dedicated in-house Linux support specialists. That’s where working with an outside Linux admin can be extremely beneficial. 

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Get the Most Out of Your System with an Experienced Linux Admin

Linux is an ideal system for many businesses as it’s highly stable, secure, and offers an open-source environment. Because of these qualities, they’re often used to perform some of the most important functions, such as data backups, file recovery, hardware maintenance, security management, and more. A Linux administrator is a back-end IT specialist who performs the following tasks:

  • Installing and configuring Linux systems, including databases and scripts
  • Performing system maintenance and updates 
  • Reviewing error logs
  • Creating system backups
  • Monitoring system performance to prevent slowdowns or crashes 
  • Providing tech support 
  • Maintaining system security
  • Managing users and databases

Get Comprehensive Linux Support–Contact Tech Shack Today

Working with a managed service provider ensures you have access to ongoing IT support, without the need to hire a dedicated team or train employees on Linux systems. As we work proactively, it also reduces the chances of downtime at your business and potential loss of revenue caused by ongoing tech issues. For more information about our Linux administration services, contact Tech Shack today at (864) 722-5155 or schedule a site visit online.