Have you been interested in automating features of your home, but aren’t sure where to even start? At Tech Shack we’re skilled at automating everything from single smart devices and thermostats to full security systems. Are you interested in a public or private automated home theater? Or intrusion detection on your doors and windows? Are you unsure if what you want can even be done? Not a problem; we also offer consulting! With over 15 years of experience and a wide range of expertise, we’re the best choice for your smart home or office needs.

  1. Camera Sales and Installation
    Are you in the market for a security system or are looking for upgrades or support for the one you already have? We offer sales, installation and full consulting with multi-brand support. We’ve installed systems everywhere from apartment complexes and private residences to pool houses, workout rooms, and commercial buildings. Want to be able to view your camera at night or from anywhere in the world on your smartphone? We can do all that and more, including changing your video definition or doing data recovery from DVRs.

  2. Live intrusion detection
    Live intrusion detection is perfect for anyone who wants real-time security monitoring. Do you have a vacation home you’d like to keep an eye on, or are worried about your teenager sneaking out of the house at night? Or maybe you live out in the country and would like to see the wildlife that visits your property. We handle it all, from purchasing your equipment to setting it up, as well as training you how to use it. We also offer consulting on all aspects of live intrusion detection – from phone apps for both Apple Android devices to tablets, hardware, and software. If you already have a system in place, we’re also happy to diagnose and repair any problems it may be having.

  3. Synchronizing smart devices
    Do you have a number of smart devices in your home, but aren’t sure how to synchronize them? We handle it all. We can easily sync up your devices to give them complete “smart” capability. We commonly work with a wide range of different devices, including intrusion detection, emergency systems for the elderly, and fire systems, to name a few. Have a mix of Android and Apple devices you’d like to have synchronized? It’s possible! We can even synchronize email systems to make it more streamlined and convenient. Can’t access your email? We can help with that too!

  4. Consultation
    Thinking about automating your home, but aren’t sure where to start? Wondering if what you’d like to automate is even possible? Have you recently purchased a smart device but aren’t really sure what its capabilities are? We offer consulting for all your smart home needs. We can suggest equipment or help you figure out what you’d need to do to have the smart home of your dreams.

    Our vast experience with installation, setup, and maintenance of a wide variety of brands and devices for a range of uses and needs gives us expert insight into what works best for specific situations. We’re skilled at determining the best equipment for the job – and asking you the important questions to make sure we’re on the same page. From smart lighting control to fully automated home theaters, surveillance systems to equipment purchases, you can trust us to recommend the most reliable equipment and cost-effective solutions.

  5. Lighting controls
    Are you interested in automating your lighting to add convenience and save on energy costs? Would you like to have a dimmer switch installed? Have a pool or jacuzzi lighting you’d like lighting control for? Not a problem. We can add lighting control to any type of fixture, regardless of whether it’s indoor or outdoor lighting. We’re also happy to consult on different types of light bulbs and help you choose between different colors or hard or soft light. We can also automate lighting for surveillance systems. We also work with electricians to check over wiring to ensure everything is wired optimally, so you’ll never have to worry about electrical malfunctions.

Are you interested in learning more about home or office automation? Schedule your appointment with us today through our online calendar, contact us, or give us a call at (864) 722-5155.