Has your computer or laptop recently been affected by a virus? If so, don’t worry; we can help. At Tech Shack we offer a range of virus removal and data recovery services and have the ability to rid your machine of even the most difficult to remove viruses. Many viruses say they’ve deleted your data or are holding it for ransom, but it’s important to understand that your data is safe – and we’ll get it back! We offer complete diagnostics which can be run remotely, full data recovery, and regular cleanings. We also offer effective virus protection software in-store so you can keep your computer or laptop protected 24/7. When you’re looking for full virus removal services for your system, you can always depend on us to provide the highest quality service available.

  1. Reinstallation of operating system including back up if necessary
    Has your computer been running slowly or having strange issues since it was infected by a virus? Have you been worried about a news report you’ve seen on malicious software? We can check your system for viruses and reinstall the operating system if needed, as well as backup all your important data. Have you received a scam call from someone claiming they’re from Microsoft? Give us a call – we’re happy to talk to you about your virus concerns free of charge. If your computer is affected by a virus, we can handle it. We’re able to remove even the most difficult to remove viruses, trojans, worms, and hijackers – and get any the information they’ve corrupted or removed back.

  2. Software consultation
    Are you trying to decide which antivirus software would be the best option for your home or business needs? Have you recently purchased antivirus software, but aren’t really sure how to configure it or use some of the features? We offer antivirus software consultations for both residential and commercial clients and can handle everything from general virus scans to assisting businesses with PSL/SSL certificates. We’re also happy to set up your software and show you how to use it.

  3. Removal of viruses and/or spyware
    Have you recently discovered you have a virus on your computer but aren’t sure how to use your antivirus software? Have a virus that your antivirus software can’t remove? We offer complete diagnostics which can be run remotely and have the ability to remove even the most difficult viruses and spyware for residential and commercial clients. If you have a virus that says it deleted your data, don’t worry – we also can do a full data recovery to retrieve your important information.

Schedule your appointment with us today through our online calendar, contact us, or give us a call to discuss your needs at (864) 722-5155.