Are you tired of fiddling with wires or device connectivity? No problem! We offer convenient, in-home and small office device consulting and setup, so you’ll never have to feel frustrated again. Whether you’re having issues with devices syncing properly or problems with your home network, we handle it all, quickly and efficiently. From printers and home networks to video game consoles and home theaters, we have the experience and know-how to get all your devices up and running with ease.

  1. Home theatre
    Are you interested in setting up a complete home theater system or media room? We offer everything you’ll need to get started, from consulting to purchasing equipment, full set up to installation. Need a custom cabinet built, or help installing a television wall mount? Does your room need wiring for your new surround sound system? Want to automate your home theater into a one-touch system that will dim your lights, lower your blinds and turn on all your AV equipment with the touch of a button? Do you have a number of remote-controlled devices that you’d to be able to control from a single remote? Not a problem! We do it all.

  2. Installation
    Have you recently bought a new computer or AV system, but aren’t sure where to begin with the set-up? We offer full installation and setup of televisions, receivers, computers, smart devices and more. We can set up any and all devices you have. Did you recently purchase a new television, but worry about it getting bumped or scratched by children or pets? We can install T.V. wall mounts to keep your investment safe. Are you interested in setting up a media room or lighting systems near your pool, sauna or hot tub? Need some internal home wiring done to make your tech needs a reality? If you’re planning on construction of any type, give us a call first. We partner with licensed home contractors PECO Heating and Cooling for expert custom pre or post-construction home wiring and remodeling, from minor tasks to extensive projects.

  3. Sales
    Are you setting up a home office, but your home isn’t wired for ethernet? Are you a music aficionado who’s interested in a customized multi-monitor setup? Want to set up a presentation in your home for slideshows to enjoy during family gatherings? Not a problem. We’re happy to purchase the equipment you need and set it up within your home. From networking equipment, routers, and switches to home entertainment systems, soundbars, and more. We can even purchase or build computers to fit the size constraints of your office furniture. We’ll handle everything you need to get your equipment up and running (including wiring, cabling, and wall mounting) and even show you how to use your new equipment. We know all the right questions to ask to make sure we provide you with the best solutions to fit your needs.

  4. Repair and maintenance
    We offer complete on-site repair and maintenance of your devices and equipment – perfect for those with busy schedules or technology systems that would be inconvenient to bring into our shop. Is your backup system running slow? Having trouble knowing where to plug in a device, or your home theater is on the fritz? Have a Garmin or other smart control system in your vehicle that needs an upgrade? We’ve got you covered. Do you live out of the area and have an older relative who needs a repair? We’re happy to pay them a visit and get things straightened out. From computer systems to smart devices, AV equipment to automation systems, we handle it all.

  5. Upgrades
    Do you already have a security system in place and want to add more cameras, change the length of recording time, or change the video definition? Want to add more speakers to your sound system? We can upgrade your devices and equipment on-site to better suit your needs. Thinking about getting a new external hard-drive, but you’re worried about losing data while swapping it out? We’ll make sure all your data is transferred properly. Are you a mobile veterinarian who was told you need a new laptop to be able to run the latest proprietary veterinary software? We can upgrade your current equipment to run it smoothly and save you money. From home networks to AV systems and smart devices, we’ll make sure your equipment is upgraded to better suit your needs.

  6. Projectors/television installation
    Did you recently purchase a new projection system, but aren’t sure how – or where – to mount it? Having trouble with your home theater setup? Give us a call. We handle everything related to projection systems, televisions, and home theaters. We can install wall or ceiling mounts, label your cables, set up your speakers to deliver optimal surround sound, and much more. Do you manage an apartment complex or residential living complex with a shared media room? We’re happy to install whatever you need. We can also program multi-device remotes for convenient single remote control of your equipment and devices.

  7. Consulting
    Did you recently purchase a new home theater system, but feel uncertain about where to place the speakers for optimal surround sound? Are you thinking of purchasing a new security system, but can’t decide which one would be best for your needs? Interested in a home automation project, but aren’t even sure if what you’d like to do is possible? Not a problem! We’re happy to consult on any home technology projects you have in mind.

    Our vast experience with installation, setup, and maintenance of a wide variety of brands and devices for a range of uses and needs gives us expert insight into what works best for specific situations. We’re skilled at determining the best equipment for the job – and asking you the important questions to make sure we’re on the same page. From home offices to home theaters, smart devices to equipment purchases, you can trust us to recommend the most reliable equipment and cost-effective solutions.

  8. Passwords & Forensics
    Have you been trying to get into your iCloud, AppStore, or any other account, but just can’t seem to remember the password? Don’t worry, we can get you in. We handle password resets for a wide range of accounts – Google, Verizon, AT&T, and more. Wondering if your computer has been hacked, or need to find out why someone in the family has been behaving strangely? We also offer computer forensics!

Schedule your appointment today through our online calendar, contact us, or give us a call to discuss your needs at (864) 722-5155.