Does your phone or tablet have a cracked screen? Do you need a battery or frame replacement, but don’t want to wait for the long process of sending it into the factory for repairs? We offer comprehensive repairs on a wide range of mobile devices, including iPads, iPods, iPhones, tablets, and Android devices. We service all parts of mobile devices and – even better – we stock most parts for Apple devices so you can have your iPhone, iPad, or iPod back to you quickly – generally within an hour. At Tech Shack, we make your needs a priority! Whether you need a frame replacement, screen replacement, small board replacement due to water damage, or a headphone jack replacement, we offer convenient, quick, high-quality repairs you can trust.

Devices We Repair

  1. iPads
    Does your iPad need a new screen or battery? Has your device been exposed to water? When your iPad needs repair, bring it to the experts! We offer high-quality repairs on older and new generation iPads, including screen, battery, headphone jack, and small board replacement. We stock most parts for Apple devices, allowing us to give you lightning-fast turnaround time. No matter what your device needs, we can handle it!
  2. iPods
    Is your iPod in need of repair? Contact the experts at Tech Shack! We offer high-quality, convenient repairs on iPod devices, including screen, battery, and headphone jack replacement. We stock parts for most Apple devices, allowing us to offer same-day repairs; in fact, we can often have your device back to you within an hour!
  3. iPhones
    We understand you rely on your iPhone, which is why we offer convenient, high-quality repairs with quick turnaround time. We have most iPhone parts in stock, allowing us to deliver the quickest repairs possible – often within an hour of receiving your device. Whether you need front or back glass replacement, small board replacement due to water damage, battery or headphone jack replacement, we’ll handle it quickly, efficiently, and have your iPhone back to you in no time!
  4. Back Glass Replacement
    Do you have an I phone 7 or higher that  isn’t just cracked on the front but the back!  we do full frame replacements to guarantee no change in the way your phone feels.
  5. Android devices/phones
    Have you been searching for high quality, convenient repairs for your Android device? Has the headphone jack become lodged in the input jack, or your battery died? Contact us for fast, efficient repairs you can trust. We offer charger jack, battery, screen, and headphone jack replacement on all Android phones and devices.
  6. Tablets
    Has your tablet been having issues holding a charge, or won’t turn on? Have you recently lost important data? We offer repairs on the most tablet brands, including Verizon and Kindle. Whether you need a battery replacement, data recovery, or a headphone jack replacement, we’ve got you covered! When you’re looking for convenient high-quality repairs, turn to the experts at Tech Shack.

If you have any of these devices in need of repair, schedule your appointment today through our online calendar, contact us, or give us a call at (864) 722-5155.