Is your appliance or device failing? Instead of jumping online or heading to the store to buy something new, Tech Shack saves you hard-earned cash with printed circuit board repair. These boards are the core component of nearly every electronic device but can stop working due to weather, humidity, and age. We can help you decide if it is cost-effective to repair your device or appliance.

From a phone to a computer or large appliance, printed circuit board repair can fix physical damage, component failure, trace damage, and more to the board.

  1. Physical Damage
    The easiest to spot, physical damage is often caused by pressure or shock. Was the item dropped or hit by something? We can melt down the damaged section and repair it by remodeling, re-soldering, and re-balling the conductive traces.
  2. Components
    These can include capacitors, diodes, and microprocessors. We use rigorous testing to diagnose and repair components, including getting to the root cause of the damage, such as overheating or voltage issues.
  3. Trace Damage
    Traces are the silver or copper pathways on boards. Power surges, dust contamination, overheating, and wear can damage them. We re-solder and re-ball the faulty trace pathway to reconnect the circuit.

On a big-ticket item such as a dryer, printed circuit board repair can get your unit powered up, heating, and spinning again without spending hundreds of dollars on a replacement!

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