iMac Hard Drive Replacement

Do you have an iMac that you bought in 2013 or more recently? One of the best upgrades you can make to improve performance is an iMac hard drive replacement. Headquartered in Clemson, Tech Shack has been the top computer repair choice throughout Pickens County for more than 15 years. This experience and knowledge enable us to give you reliable IT repairs, upgrades, and service at prices you can afford!

For example, we charge around half of what Apple will charge you for a 500GB iMac hard drive upgrade. If you are already using a hard disc drive, a solid-state hard drive uses less power and runs cooler. It is also lighter and has no moving parts, making it quieter less susceptible to failure.

Have you been noticing performance issues? Maybe certain programs won't run, or you've been running out of memory, or just seeing slower performance? We offer high-quality and convenient iMac hard drive replacement. Because we understand that computer downtime is extremely disruptive to your life, we are responsive and provide lightning fast turnaround times. So don't hesitate on an iMac hard drive upgrade or a wide range of computer repair including virus removal and protection, laptop repair, and building and maintaining backup systems.

The hard drive replacement procedure is technically challenging because the screens are glued down. We've developed a procedure to remove, remount, and re-glue the screen, which allows you to get your iMac back at five times the speed and a fraction of the price of shipping it off to Apple or buying a new machine.

We take the time to make repairs that work for you and your budget. Our job is to make sure you understand what we did and why. For high-quality repairs at fair prices, schedule your appointment online or call Tech Shack at 864-722-5155 today!